Calendula Anti Blue Light Lotion

1.The only biological buffer water in the world keeps the pH of the skin at 5.8! 2.Be fearless of blue light and headstrong refresh to improve your sleep! 3.It can resist the stimulation of acid and alkali to the skin, regulate the abnormal ph of the skin to return to the normal value, make the skin in the best healthy state, conducive to the absorption of nutrients, not conducive to bacterial reproduction

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Ze Light Anti Blue Light Water 100ml For Women Calendula Anti Blue Light Toner Thixotropic Water Lotion




Anti blue light



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Sichuan, China


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1. Free sample is available, you need to pay the freight, but it will refund once you confirm the bulk order. 2. 1-3 workdays after freight received.

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Product features:

1, a can balance the skin pH value of toner

2, a can increase the skin absorption of nutrients toner

3. A lotion that can resist bacteria and environmental pollution

4. A lotion that can resist blue light and damage the skin

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The main ingredient of anti - blue - light water lotion


The harm of electronic products to skin

The effect of anti - blue light water lotion


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The conditions under which bacteria grow and multiply

Bacterial reproduction requires the provision of suitable environmental conditions, including nutrition, pH (pH), temperature, gas and so on.The optimum pH of most pathogenic bacteria is 7.2-7.6, under this pH, the enzyme activity of bacteria is strong, and the growth and reproduction are flourishing.Individual bacteria (such as vibrio cholerae) grow best under alkaline conditions of pH8.4-9.2.

The healthy skin of human body is in the form of weak acid. There is a layer of weak acid sebum film on the surface of the skin. If the ph of sebum film exceeds the normal range, the skin will become fragile and cause a lot of skin problems.If you use an alkaline facial cleanser, it will have an excessive ;degreasing; effect, leaving the skin feeling tight after cleansing.At the same time, bacteria prefer to live and breed in an alkaline environment, while sweat is weakly alkaline. Therefore, after sweating, if you don;t dry your face, you will leave your face in a weakly alkaline state.Therefore chooses the weak acid to wash the face milk to clean the skin to have the very good help.

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