Clean Pores Remove Acne Whitening Facial Cream

1. This product is suitable for any season; 2. This product is suitable for any drying caused by toxin deposition. Dull, dull, elastic, false wrinkles and other skin;

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OEM Cleaning Brightening Facial Cream;




Moisturizing ,Whitening, Nourishing,Deep Cleaning;elimination of toxicant



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Sichuan, China


MSDS, Sgs, FDA, ce

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Goods in stock: 5-7working days Mass production: 25-45 working days.


By sea, air, express :DHL/EMS/fedex/TNT/pad.


T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Alibaba Trade Assurance.




1. Free sample is available, you need to pay the freight, but it will refund once you confirm the bulk order. 2. 1-3 workdays after freight received.

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Nursing methods and procedures:

1. Clean facial skin;

2. Lie quietly with your eyes for 3-5 minutes to relax your mood and skin;

3. The beautician sassafras the hands, take 3G purification skin cream and apply it on the detox jade tablet, then use the jade tablet to evenly scrape the 3G purification skin cream on the face;

5. Turn on the spray machine for facial spray, and use jade tablet to wipe the face with the professional technique of scraping for 10-15 minutes. After the appearance of gray-black complex on the face, wipe the dirt with toilet paper, and then clean the face with a wet towel;

6. Take 4g purification and beautifying mask and 4ml purified water to mix into a uniform paste and evenly apply it on the face. After 5-8 minutes, massage the whole face with facial massage for 2-3 minutes, and then rinse off with clean water.

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Main picture of purified skin cream

Purify the efficacy of the skin cream

Restore skin health

Purify the main functions of the skin cream

Matters needing attention:

In order to achieve good detoxification effect, the spray nozzle should not be too far away from the face, and it should be sprayed evenly on the customer;s face as far as possible. Cold spray can be used in especially hot summer or sensitive skin, and hot spray can be used in other seasons.

(If there is no spray machine, you can use warm water instead!Use jade scraping tablet to remove toxins from the face while soaking in water.)

In the use of cleansing and beautifying mask facial massage care can supplement the right amount of toner, in order to achieve better penetration, purification, moisturizing and other effects.

This product can also be used to cleanse your face at home!

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