Our History

Chengdu Ze-Light Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It is affiliated to Chengdu Ze-Light Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Yiman Biological Beauty & Health Products Co., Ltd., Guizhou Interlai Trading Co., Ltd., China (Ami) Biotechnology Research Institute, Chengdu Ze-Light Yiyang Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Chengdu Ze-Light Dermatology Research Institute, China Institute of Pesticides, China Institute of Pathological Skin and other units. The company brings together biomedical research, production and sales. It is a medical beauty company that specializes in solving skin beauty and skin diseases. After years of accumulation, Ze-Light Group become the most promising company in the industry. The company's main biological agents, medical bio-renewable factors and safe and efficient medical beauty products, comprehensive pharmacology, chemistry, nutrition, traditional medicine, specially designed for the pathological skin to create special care biological preparations beauty products, with biological agents, transdermal absorption, platelets The core technologies of regeneration and cultivation, AFGF, FGF, MT-2, KGF and other repair factors and strains are professionally safe to solve the problems of patients with problematic skin.

Ze-Light Group has developed for many years, and has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of “innovation, quality, service, safety, effectiveness, and gratitude”. We always adhere to the tenet of revitalizing the problematic skin, strictly control the quality, strictly implement the all-round service tracking, and strive to create high-quality and efficient products.

Our Factory

Chengdu Yiman Biological Beauty Health Care Products Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise focusing on cosmetics research and development, production and sales. The company was established in 2002, located at No. 209, No. 13 section of Beihai Road, Shuangliu Jiaolong Industrial Port, Chengdu. The factory covers an area of 4600 square meters, with an area of 3600 square meters and 300 employees. There are advanced cosmetics production line emulsification production workshop, 300,000 class product filling workshop, finished product packaging workshop, complete cosmetics research and development and testing facilities and equipment. We have a group of R&D teams with doctoral and master's degrees in fine chemical engineering, natural medicine and pharmacology. Meanwhile, it is equipped with quality management personnel and testing personnel with strong professional knowledge and excellent technology.

Our Product

Skin Care Lyophilized Powder

Skin Care Serum

Biological Factor

Facial Mask

Face Cream

Body Essential Oil

Handmade Soap

Product Application

Skin Care

Our Certificate


Production Equipment

15 production lines, 6 detection systems.

Production Market

The main markets are concentrated in North America, Europe and Southeast Asian countries. Through years of continuous efforts and innovation, ZeLight products have a high reputation and market share in the international market.

Our Service

ZeLight Group-International Trading Business Division, consisting of 76 key members, is mainly responsible for the import and export of ZeLight skin care products, including Alibaba.com, Made in China, Amazon, AliExpress, Lazada and other international wholesale and retail platforms, with international wholesale team, search engine marketing (SEM) team, retail team and market operation team, as well as US offices and multiple overseas warehouses, strong and professional business team, advanced and perfect sales service concept, sound and standardized Product certification (MSDS, FDA, CE, SGS, ISO/GMP) makes ZeLight's products sell well all over the world.

We provide:

1. 24 hours on-line service.

2. Fast and transparent shipping.

3. Free samples and package desig.

4. Free all certifications issue.